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Jill Brennan & Robby DuFresne are the founders, designers, and directors for the Northeast Independent Performance Company. Their guard careers began when they were at St. Augustine High School and performed with Coast One Winterguard. After leaving High School, they both performed with the Shaktai Performance Company for several years. Since that time, they have instructed and consulted on every level of the activity from Cadet Class to Independent World.

Randy Nelson

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Female Cast

Ashley Asel
Alex Baker
Jenny Barker
Karlie Brinkhoff
Amanda Brisbey
Jessica Carey
Stephanie DiMartino
Erin England
Rachel Granata
Jennifer Hutchinson
Kathryn Lagge
Lauren O’grady
Jaime Piechocki
Heather Reiniger
Lorena Zambrano

Male Cast

Andrew Barberi
Fred Bennecke
Joey Carey
Manny Gandia
Justin Gehman
Jason Herrington
Ethan Marcus
Josh McClurg
Anthony Scudero
Billy Sullivan
Jarret Thompson
Dallas Thornton
Craig Walton
Alex Youmans

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2001 Colorblind IO- Finalist
2002 When You Come Back Down- IO Silver Medalist
2003 Everything But Today- IW Finalist
2004 Where To Begin- IW Finalist
2005 Wonderwall- IW Finalist
2006 Entrapment- IW Finalist
2007 A Global Truth- IW Finalist
2008 Quietus- IW Bronze Medalist
2009 The Rain Before Dawn- IW Finalist
2010 To be Announced...
Special Performance: Spinfest 2007 for Mia Michaels- Heaven

Special Performance: Spinfest 2009 for Joey Dowling- Faust Arp


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