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About Us : history

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2001 Colorblind IO- Finalist
2002 When You Come Back Down- IO Silver Medalist
2003 Everything But Today- IW Finalist
2004 Where To Begin- IW Finalist
2005 Wonderwall- IW Finalist

For the 2005 season, Northeast Independent presented their program entitled "Wonderwall." Set along a weathered, winding road, with street lamps leading the way, the 15 ladies and 8 gentlemen took the audience through an emotional exploration of love and realtionship. Love can be very diverse in the eye of the beholder, and can sometimes even be confusing and painful. With emotion leading the way, they embarked on a journey of love, hate, passion and despair to find the true connection that makes us all human. Don't be afraid to let go and allow yourself to fall. Without taking that chance, you'll never find the one who is your true strength. Love and hate can coexist within each other to the point where feelings become numb, and only that person....that one person, who is your strength.... your wonderwall, can save you.

2006 Entrapment- IW Finalist

2007 A Global Truth- IW Finalist

2008 Quietus- IW Bronze Medalist

2009 The Rain Before Dawn- IW Finalist

2010 To be Announced...

Special Performance: Spinfest 2007 for Mia Michaels- Heaven

Special Performance: Spinfest 2009 for Joey Dowling- Faust Arp


How it all started...

Northeast Independent Winterguard's roots go back to 1997. Although Northeast Independent didn’t officially come into existence until 2001, the story extends back much further.

It all began in 1996 when Jill Brennan and Robby Dufresne began working with a young and inexperienced group of students at Nease High School. Jill and Robby helped bring the team from the bottom of AA class in 1997 to their first year of national competition in 1998. They performed to "Disarm" by the Smashing Pumpkins and finished 11th in WGI World Championships "A" Class Finals. The following year, they returned to Dayton with great dreams and plenty of strength while performing to the inspirational song "Jackie's Strength" by Tori Amos. That year, the team took home the gold and was promoted to Scholastic Open Class. The following season, they made finals in Open Class with a 12th place finish to a show entitled “On the Edge.”

All through those 4 years of hard work, the team worked under the same instructional staff and developed a family stronger than anyone could have wished for. After coming home from WGI World Championships, the team found out that just as their teams success had grown so had the size of the school district. Due to a large increase in students, the county was forced to build two new high schools and many of the students where split into different areas. The dedicated staff and members refused to let this cause the program to disappear. As a result, the Northeast Independent Winterguard was formed.

Northeast began in Independent Open class for the 2001 performance season. Performing to a show entitled “Colorblind” with music by Counting Crows, Northeast finished 6th in WGI Independent Open Finals.

Remaining in Open class for 2002, Northeast had it sights set high with a bluegrass tune by Nickel Creek called “When you come back down.” This performance earned the staff and members of Northeast a WGI Silver Medal in Independent Open Finals and a drive to push forward into the 2003 season.

During the 2003 season, Northeast was promoted to the highest level of competition, Independent World. With instrumental music and quotes from the movie Life as a House, Northeast finished 7th place at WGI Independent World Finals. This marked an incredible milestone for the staff and many performers who had been involved since the AA class beginnings in 1997.

Remaining in the Independent Word Class for 2004, Northeast became a two time World Class finalist with music from the movie Great Expectations. Northeast continued their journey through the performance world in 2005 with their show entitled "Wonderwall", finishing 11th at WGI Independent World Finals. In 2006, Northeast finished 5th at WGI with their show "Entrapment." Continuing into 2007, NEI finished 5th at WGI with "A Global Truth."

In 2008, Northeast Independent made history. The staff and members of the 2008 production "Quietus" received an Independent World Class BRONZE Medal at WGI Finals with a score of 96.6. Performing on a floor tarp resembling an oil-smeared map, the boys had a vaguely military/punk look, while the girls were costumed in sparkly blues and greens.

2009 brought the show "The Rain Before Dawn." A different style approach for Northeast, this uplifting show finished 4th at WGI in Independent World Class.

2010..... to be announced.